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Tel: 01752 296 369

Charity fundraising recycling specialist

 We can accept any of the following item/s:

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  • Any Stamps, old Envelopes*, First Day Covers, - used or unused. Please leave a 5 to 8mm border around stamps. *If foreign stamps (of any date) or UK stamps postmarked BEFORE 1970 are on envelopes or postcards - DO NOT REMOVE THEM! They may be worth more as a collectible item complete.
  • Postcards (including Pre-1940s Birthday Cards and World War 1 silk cards). Prefer pre 1950s But modern postcards accepted. Please contact before sending large quantities
  • Coins and Bank Notes - any and all, old and new, from ANYWHERE in the world, obsolete or otherwise
  • Precious Metals - including broken jewellery, old trophies, gold, silver etc.
  • Medals and Badges - any, and not limited to military items, other medals and badges accepted.
  • Costume Jewellery - is accepted.
  • Keys and Locks - any age or types.
  • Metals - metal toys, metal household ornaments and cutlery - any age, type or condition - contact us if you're not sure.
  • Watches - Quartz or wind-up, working or not.
  • Small Antiques & Collectibles - anything unusual considered - contact us if you're not sure.

To arrange a special collection minimum weights apply: Coins 10kg, Other items 15kg,
please telephone 01752 296 369, Mon/Tue/Thur, 9am to 5pm.

*NOTE: Please include sender’s name & address (details for internal use only & will NOT be passed to third parties).

*NOTE: Please ensure correct postage is paid and include sender’s name and address
(details are for internal use only and will NOT be passed to third parties).